New Holland Grassland FFA Safe Tractor Driving Contest:

Friday, October 6, 2017– 10 am at the New Holland Sales Stables Parking Lot


1. PA FFA Rules will be followed.

2. Competition is open to Grassland FFA Chapter members who are currently in-school students.

3. Entries are limited to eight (8) contestants.

4. First, Second, and Third Places will receive trophies. All places will receive appropriate ribbons.

Tractor Driving Rules:

The objective of this contest is to demonstrate skillful practices and emphasize the safe operation and
handling of a farm tractor. Participants must be a current in-school member of the Grassland FFA
Chapter. Contest will be divided into three parts: A written examination of 50 questions covering
general maintenance and safety practices of a farm tractor; a troubleshooting examination on a tractor;
and a tractor driving and equipment handling course. Contestants will be scored on a fault point
system. The contestant with the lowest score wins.

The tractor operation events will include:

A. Proper checking, starting, and stopping the tractor.
B. Drive manure spreader through obstacle course and back the spreader into a stall.
C. Back a 4-wheel wagon into a stall. Tractor and equipment will be provided by local dealers.